Paws and Pets

Dog Walking

Our services are designed to help owners who are at work. We can help exercise your dog and relieve any problems with anxiety from being left all day. The length of walk can be adapted to suit your dog as some dogs may need more exercise than others.

Your dog will be picked up from home and dropped back off. Dogs will be towelled down and returned clean and dry. We take good care of your dog and will limit the number of dogs we take out to 2 per person. This way your dog has care and attention given to it at all times.

We make sure that we always have water on hand for a drink during walks. Dogs are never left in the vehicle unattended. If your dog is not able to travel in a car we will walk it closer to home. On returning your dog, we can do extra duties such as feeding, making sure water bowls are full, and carry out any medical requirements. There is a free consultation available where we can come and discuss your dogs individual requirements.